Alexandra House

Children & Young People


Mental Health, Behaviour that Challenges, Trauma Care


Colchester, Essex, UK


London & Essex

Contact Details

Manager: Kian Tracey


Tel:  01206 826009

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*Please note, the safeguarding of children and young people we support is at the forefront of all we do. That’s why the locations of our children’s residential homes are undisclosed and the map pin highlights their closest town or city.

Alexandra House provides a stable and nurturing home environment in Colchester, Essex, providing therapeutic care for up to 5 young people aged between 10-18 years. The home offers a full-time treatment programme for young people who have encountered a traumatic experience, have behavioural or mental health difficulties and/or have experienced or are at risk of sexual exploitation.

Alexandra House uses the Stabilisation model. This is a ‘whole team’ relationship-based approach to support the young person to improve emotional stability and behavioural control. This is achieved through the provision of a safe environment in which to explore, understand and improve resilience. Early intervention, problem solving, social skills and group living form the daily ethos of Alexandra House, which is based on respect, positive reinforcement and positive role modelling.

We are committed to valuing each young person as an individual and ensuring they are consulted and involved in decisions about their life and care. We work closely with families, schools and other professionals to ensure that our young people have the best possible outcomes. Alexandra House is designed to ensure that young people feel safe and secure whilst developing skills that support their greater independence. Each young person has their own bedroom and bathroom decorated to their own tastes.