Orchard House

Children & Young People


Learning Disabilities, Autism, Behaviour that Challenges, Sensory Needs


Bedford, UK


South & South East

Contact Details

Manager: Michelle Henson


Tel:  01234 351639

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*Please note, the safeguarding of children and young people we support is at the forefront of all we do. That’s why the locations of our children’s residential homes are undisclosed and the map pin highlights their closest town or city.

Orchard House provides a stable and nurturing environment in Bedford for young people aged 8 to 18 years, who are living with learning disabilities, autism, sensory processing, and language needs. The young people we support may also have behavioural challenges and associated medical needs.

At Orchard House, we pride ourselves on being attentive to the young people’s needs and actively listening to all forms of communication. We enable and encourage independence because we believe in the best outcomes of our young people. We provide safe daily structures in a stimulating and homely environment. Together with the young people we support, we build on existing skills and learn new ones, encouraging growth in communication and life skills. We invite the individuals we support to take positive opportunities and achieve goals they may not have previously thought possible.

We cater for our young people’s sensory needs, working closely with other professionals to ensure their needs are met. The home has a sensory den and a large garden with a swing, trampoline and space for free play. The use of visual communication techniques, consistent routines, role modelling and encouragement allows for our young people to progress at their own pace.

Within the home, each young person has their own bedroom and bathroom which can be decorated to their own tastes.


“The children, who have had emotional difficulties, have formed strong and resilient relationships with the staff and one another” – Ofsted Report, February 2020

“I have grown so much, all thanks to the staff who supported and believed in me when no one else would”
A young person we support.