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*Please note, the safeguarding of children and young people we support is at the forefront of all we do. That’s why the locations of our children’s residential homes are undisclosed and the map pin highlights their closest town or city.

We provide a physically nurturing environment with social learning opportunities, including the promotion of health, wellbeing and dedicated emotional and behavioral support. The home is designed to ensure that young people feel safe and secure whilst developing skills that support their greater independence. Our primary aim is to provide each child with the necessary tools and support needed to aid their transition back into foster care, independent living or return back to family home. The cycle of assessment – monitoring, evaluation and review – will identify the support and provision required to ensure the child is able to build on areas of strength and make progress in all areas of need.

  • Ridgemont House aims to empower children in the decision-making process. Our model of care is underpinned by our values of:
  • Respecting the individual child’s experience (recognising and building resilience)
  • Healing through relationships (attachment)
  • Learning for Life (social learning)

We work closely with families, schools and other professionals to ensure that our young people have the best possible outcomes.

“The management team is child-focused and has good understanding of the children’s individual needs and the importance of forging nurturing and lasting relationships”

Ofsted Report, January 2020